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Smedley Sea Island Cotton Tee
Smedley Sea Island Cotton Tee

Smedley Sea Island Cotton Tee

WAS: $175.00 NOW: $118.00

Item #31204460
Fully fashioned shoulders, ribbed waist and cuffs. It's often wise to doubt superlatives. John Smedley claims to make the world's finest knitwear in the world's oldest manufacturing factory, starting in 1784. Doubt not, these superlatives are true. We've been to the factory in Lea Mills and have for years offered and worn the knitwear. In particular, the Sea Island Cotton. A favorite for its smooth, silken, lightweight touch, and year round comfort, adding warmth in the cold, wicking away moisture and heat as it gets hotter. Everything made in England, all sure to please for years. Try John Smedley and add some superlatives to your life.
Size: S

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